It Is All So Predictable

Once you have been working in the sex industry as a high class escort for more than a short while, any escort who is awake and observant can identify a number of repetitive patterns that apply to most clients who seek out escorts girls. Here is the first that always stands out for me. It is true, and annoying, but it would be foolish for a professional to ignore it.
Clients never bother to read the words in adverts or web sites. Some people who contact you will have read every word and analysed it or parsed it to the Nth degree. Let me save you time, they are the time wasters. If someone asks you about paragrapch seven of your web site, they are not going to be spending money with you. I might be doing some good prospects a disservice, but I do not think so. While agonizing over your profile information as the sexiest escort Malaga can offer may make you feel good about your marketing efforts, it will not ensure that you will get more visits, calls or contacts than the escort who posted a few poorly spelled bullet points. As someone who is also a writer, you can imagine how annoying I fid this. But I would be stupid to ignore it.
All of the tips and suggestions from the web sites, directories and all of the “experts” lead you to believe how important your profile information is, as well as how critical it is to keep it fresj and up to date. Let me be noest, most of the stuff about changing it regularly and keeping it up to date is for the sake of the web siotes. Having new content that changes regularly helps them with their searvh engine optimisation as Google sees that the site is alive.
In real life, you have to bear in mind that only a few of your potential clients will read the entire thing, most especially if it is longer than your competitors profiles. When you are writing your profile, keep the acronym KISS in mind (which seems approproate, really) Keep it Simple, Stupid. You should aim to keep it short, sweet, to the point and use simple language. Not all of your prospects will be native English speakers and those that are may find it hard to think with an erection. Much like a lady’s skirt, your profile should be long enough to cover the essentials while also being short enough to be interesting.

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